Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap

For Resource and Energy companies, better management of Shutdowns can improve operational performance and yield schedule and cost improvements of up to 30%.

A Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap provides organisations with an understanding of where they are at, identifies where they want to be and gives steps for how to get there.

Assessment Overview

The Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap provides you with the insights and actions needed to make sure your Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Overhauls/Outages (STO) are efficiently and effectively supported by technology.

Denver’s deep heritage in resource, energy and technology means we quickly assess and establish Shutdown optimisation opportunitie sand provide tangible and actionable roadmaps for execution; identifying opportunities to increase worker safety, improve information reliability and reduce the shutdown risk profile. We quantify this productivity through:

  • An increase in work output
  • A decrease in the required resources to perform the current work output
  • Improvement in plant uptime
  • Reduction in shutdown costs
  • Improvement in work quality
  • A better understanding of equipment reliability

Our Approach

Following an agile, outcome-based approach, we deliver a 30 Day Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap in four stages:

30 Days


  • Catalogue of artefacts

    • Stakeholder register
    • RAID register
    • File Register
    • Benefits Register
    • Actions Register
  • Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap Report

    • Reoccurring themes/Heat Mapping
    • Quick Wins identifications
    • Actions register (with risk-based prioritisation)
    • Compare/Contrast findings
    • Timeline/roadmap including infographic
  • Executive Summary Presentation
  • Execution options detailing service options for executing the roadmap

Why Choose Denver?

Industry Specialists

30 years in mining, oil and gas industries means we can act fast and deliver value quickly.

Global Delivery

Our team brings global experience and delivery credibility.

Digital Execution

We work at speed, delivering the value of digital strategy so our clients can focus on their core business.