Information Management Services

Denver Technology assists our clients with the efficient handling of information collection, storage, management, sharing, and utilisation, adhering to industry and governance best practices. Our comprehensive expertise and key services ensure that your organisation can effectively manage its information lifecycle, drive better business outcomes, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

We offer a range of key services designed to assist organisations with Information Management, ensuring that organisations can effectively manage their information lifecycle, drive better business outcomes, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Our services include:

Information Management Key Services
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Creation and Implementation of IM Frameworks

We design and implement robust Information Management (IM) frameworks that provide structured approaches to data handling, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing data integrity and accessibility.

Mobility of Information

Mobility of Information Assets

Our services ensure that information assets are easily accessible and manageable across various devices and platforms. This includes facilitating efficient data entry and real-time access to information, promoting seamless collaboration and decision-making.

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Options Analysis for Technolgy Solutions

We conduct thorough analyses and provide recommendations for the best technology solutions to manage information effectively. This includes evaluating and selecting systems for information storage, Document Management Systems (DMS), and collaboration platforms that align with the organisation’s needs.

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Preparatory Service for Information Audits

Our preparatory services help organisations get ready for information audits by ensuring that all data management practices, and documentation are in place, thereby reducing risks and ensuring compliance.

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Automation and Integration

We specialise in automating data and workflow processes to enhance operational efficiency. Our integration solutions enable seamless data exchange between different systems and platforms, minimising manual intervention and errors.

Our Approach

Our approach ensures you move from lower to higher levels of Information Management maturity and capability, achieving sustainable success through continuous improvement and alignment with the best practices in the industry. We recommend an Agile approach to help in scoping initiatives, building a task backlog, and delivering monthly outcomes at an accelerated pace. This approach offers the flexibility to change course as needed, accommodating shifting priorities and ensuring that your information management practices remain responsive and effective.

Information Management Expertise

Data Management

Data Management

We offer comprehensive data management services, including the migration of data from legacy systems to modern platforms. Our approach ensures data accuracy, minimises downtime, and facilitates seamless transitions, enabling organisations to leverage their data assets effectively

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We specialise in automating data and workflow processes to streamline operations and enhance productivity. This includes facilitating data exchange between Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) and client environments, ensuring timely and accurate information flow.