Partnerships through Transformation: A Denver Resource & Energy Insight

Why successful partnerships are key to navigating transformation. Josh Marshall, CEO at Denver speaks to Simon Charerwicz about working in partnership with clients and vendors to drive successful outcomes - contracts drive behaviours in successful digital transformation. Building a partnership between multiple vendors and a client means nurturing the relationships and looking at the commercials that will deliver the best possible solution to the problem, quickly.


If You Can't Kick It, It's Not There

Do you have the asset visibility and data availability needed in your supply chain? In this article, we take the Maintenance Planner's perspective and discuss the importance of data in Resources and Energy supply chains.

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Oil and Gas Today : Resilience in the chaos; adapt digitally or be left behind

Digital technology emerged at the forefront of the oil and gas industry during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure productivity and efficiencies were maintained.

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