Digital Maturity Assessment

What does a digitally mature business look like? Where do you sit on the spectrum? There are many touch points across the pit to port channel that can benefit from innovation. Knowing where your organisation is on the digital transformation journey will let you set the goals you need to execute on your strategy, stay competitive and grow.

Where are you on your digital journey?

Denver’s deep heritage in resources, energy and technology means we can quickly assess and establish digital maturity. Working with clients, we identify where their gaps and opportunities for growth are. We then provide a roadmap that extends from quick wins to priorities of work for modernisation and optimisation. This includes

  • Identifying key themes and areas of interest raised by key personnel
  • Evaluation of opportunities that support corporate strategy
  • Quick wins that provide immediate value
  • A report on strategic, tactical and operational opportunities for improvement – including a high level roadmap and budget estimates
  • Communication/documentation of findings in a way that is readily understood

Download the Digital Maturity Assessment to get a clear picture on the process and what is delivered.

Questions? Get answers by reading more, connecting with us at Austmine on May 26th and 27th at stand 119 - or dropping us a note today if you can’t wait till then.


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