BP connects workers across their refineries

Denver is exploring high value opportunities to deliver operational efficiencies and execute on digital transformation across bp’s worldwide operations - driving productivity across their refineries by connecting workers to real time data via mobile, IoT sensors, analytics and wearable technology - creating the refinery of the future.

Realising the value of digital transformation

Guided by their global vision of business value, BP is driving growth and future relevance across their business by aligning their technology platforms to allow for iterative and repeatable processes is one of these ways. This alignment is enabling substantial time, financial and team efficiencies for bp downstream across all of their refineries. As well as:

  • Changing the way they work, where digital execution is business execution
  • Enabling a reusable, scalable integration approach that delivers real time value and benefits across global assets and teams within other business areas and sites
  • Strengthening the integrity, reliability and availability of essential business information


Tracking Key to Turnaround Success at Refineries and Mines

Shutdowns/turnarounds at mines and refineries are complex and expensive but are critical to safe, efficient operation and cannot be delayed or avoided.

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