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Partnerships through Transformation: A Denver Resource & Energy Insight

Data & Integration

Why successful partnerships are key to navigating transformation. Josh Marshall, CEO at Denver speaks to Simon Charerwicz about working in partnership with clients and vendors to drive successful outcomes - contracts drive behaviours in successful digital transformation. Building a partnership between multiple vendors and a client means nurturing the relationships and looking at the commercials that will deliver the best possible solution to the problem, quickly.


Webinar, Video

Webinar: Transforming Capital Portfolio Management - A BP success story

Capital Portfolio Performance

How bp improved the performance of their capital programs bp and Denver collaboratively developed a capital portfolio management tool called Nostra that has given them significant savings and transparency on their capital works programs. . In this webinar, Paul Northcote, Head of Nostra at Denver talks about the collaboration and what Nostra allowed bp to do differently that it couldn't beforehand. Today six of bp’s refineries globally -along with bp’s ANZ retail function- use Nostra to manage large projects for real time portfolio visibility and enjoy: * 5% reduction in their capital project costs * 10% reduction in budgeting variability * 98% forecasting accuracy