People & Culture

The origins of Denver Technology are based on the fundamental desire we all have to work with and be surrounded by great people. From the four friends that started Denver Technology back in 1988, our culture has evolved as we’ve grown, but without losing touch with this original ethos which still empowers a smart, proudly diverse, supportive and independent workforce.

We’re driven by a desire to solve complex problems in resources, energy operations and business requiring a collaborative, team approach with a diverse set of skills and a commitment to never stop embracing new ideas. This has allowed us to develop a consistently high performing workplace with many committed and loyal, long-standing employees.

Denver Technology employees take time for professional development and training opportunities, paid volunteering, our own individual wellbeing and of course a bit of fun.

Knowing we can always trust each other’s strengths to realise the best possible outcome, we strive to keep pushing forward.

Vison, Mission & Values

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31 Peter Kuilenburg Maximo Administrator
26 Derek Williams Senior Network Engineer
20 Phoebe Buchanan People and Culture Advisor
18 Denise O Connel Finance Officer
24 Robert Dixon Senior Developer
5 Ben Mills Chief Financial Officer
7 Marco Van Staden Principal Advisor IT OT and Data
18 Carol Grant Finance Officer
16 Annabel Keenan Project Planning Coordinator
17 Carrie Beattie Accountant
19 Rawiri Hinder Digital Consultant
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Careers at Denver Technology

We want to keep growing with great people that connect with our values, share our passion for this industry, contribute ideas, learn from their mistakes, and celebrate wins.

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These are just a few of the ways we recognise the value of our people.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Denver has developed organically as a result of our culture and our values being consistently applied over many years and we’re proud of where that’s led us. The diversity of our workforce across age, experience, backgrounds, gender and skill sets has made us stronger, brought new ideas and approaches and supported a sense of togetherness, inclusion and behaviours within the business.