Traditionally, Operational Technology (OT) environments were separated from corporate IT networks, making the security of the OT environment simpler. The increasing convergence and interconnection of Industrial Control System (ICS) environments with other external digital infrastructure – remote access, data analytics and corporate IT environment - means that the security posture of this environment is more complex (and necessary) than before.

Keeping the OT environment operational, safe, and secure requires a comprehensive understanding of the environment - what the problem is (or could be), how to solve it (or plan for it), and actually executing the resolutions. It is this approach that forms the basis of Denver Technology's OT Security consulting which starts with an independent OT Security Health Check & Maturity Assessment.

Challenges We See Right Now in OT Security

  • The blurring of the physical OT perimeter and increased interconnect of OT to external systems
  • Evolving the role of the network to connect all these devices securely
  • Integrating cyber security into your industrial plant/ICS environments maintenance planning
  • The convergence of IT and OT
  • Developing an OT security governance methodology that supports your ICS security architecture
  • Balancing the need to “air-gap” infrastructure and process automation systems from the rest of the organisation while still ensuring integration with key business systems for efficiency gains
  • COVID associated travel restrictions increase the need for OEM vendor remote access to perform maintenance and support activities to critical OT systems.

How We Can Help in OT Security

  • Taking our clients IT/OT strategy and roadmap items/priorities from assessments and building security policy frameworks for later implementation.
  • Independent evaluation of proposed OT architectures and policy frameworks and benchmarking them against best practice.
  • Assessment of proposed solutions from third party vendors and providing oversight, as well as ensuring alignment against corporate standards.
  • Network design and architecture with the appropriate segregation of IT and OT infrastructure.
  • Facilitating integration between OT and IT systems in Resource & Energy industries, without compromising security.
  • Enabling remote management of OT without compromising security.
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