Take full advantage of IT systems efficiency and innovation on your operation without increasing your process risks.

Despite using common technology elements, the worlds of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are vastly different. The top priority of OT teams is process safety, with plant uptime a close second. IT teams focus on systems and optimise the efficiency and uptime of those systems.

Denver Technology has a long history working across IT and OT systems for our resources and energy clients both in projects and support capacities. We have a proven track record for bringing IT efficiency to OT environments with solutions like networking, Asset management and cyber security. Denver Technology is able to fill the skills gap that often exist between internal IT and OT teams to allow each team to focus on core activities.

Challenges We See Right Now

Leveraging Data as an Asset: More and more business systems rely on data created in the Process Control Network (PCN) and Condition monitoring systems. Companies are looking for ways to extract data with an acceptable latency without impacting critical source systems or expose them to cyber risks.

Cyber Security: Safeguard your people, infrastructure, operations, environment, and reputation against inside and outside (intentional or non-intentional) threats.

Asset Visibility: Disparate IT & OT environments mean no overarching process, roadmap or asset registers for maintenance, end of life visibility, redundancy & forecast planning.

Policy & Governance: Processes and technology need to be compliant and go beyond regulatory authorities' safety standards. OT environments require exemplary governance and policy in place.

Team Skills & Focus: OT teams are vertically aligned with the facilities in which they work and have a lot of knowledge and capability around the main control vendor product, but they are also responsible for a variety of smaller systems. IT teams are horizontally aligned with more dept in technology systems on a corporate scale. Companies needs to find ways of leveraging system knowledge across teams and improve focus on core activities.

How We Can Help

Complex OT | IT Architecture
Workshops, planning, design, and architecture across your IT and OT environments including: PCN/PCS, PIN, Industrial Wireless, Rail, Cloud, and Architecture.

OT | IT Applications
Integration & alignment of processes & data across your OT applications suite such as LIMS, Historians, TAR/Shut Tracking & Completions, Alarms Reporting & Sensor Data, Production Planning & Scheduling, SmartPlant & Predictive Maintenance.

Asset Lifecycle
Assessing the current state of your technology asset lifecycle - process, data, and tools - for better control including risk mitigation, management, maintenance, spend, decision making, and future planning.

Bringing insight for continuous improvement, optimisation, analytics, cloud enablement and technology roadmaps.

Cyber Security
Identifying and addressing safety and cyber security in connected operations.

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