Connecting Field Workers

A key element to increasing productivity across resources and energy is making real-time data, services and experiences available to all levels of the workforce, when and where they need them. This not only enhances relationships between field operations and external stakeholders but also allows for better performance, quality and business outcomes.

Denver Technology has been working with our clients - leveraging digital technologies, applications and tools such as mobile, IoT sensors, analytics and wearable technology to safely connect workers to real-time information and deliver operational agility, flexibility and efficiency.

Challenges We See Right Now

  • Improving the mobility of workers to free them from their desks and allow them to see data on the go
  • The continuing need to reduce workplace accidents and improve worker safety
  • Enabling field operations to make timely use of the wealth of data that sits locked in business systems
  • Enabling a reusable, scalable integration approach that deliver real-time value across business areas and sites

How We Can Help

  • Whether it’s data, services or experiences, Denver Technology helps you get your strategies right and execute to deliver the desired outcome.
  • Evaluation of opportunities that support corporate strategy we can work to deliver
  • Data strategy & execution – bringing improved availably and access to data for better decision making at the point of work execution
  • A framework for Collaboration – so that problems can be resolved and knowledge shared more efficiently via tools that enable information sharing across industry domains and levels of expertise to fill gaps in workforce knowledge
  • Analytics-Driven Decision Making
  • Effective and rapid decision making to proactively manage field operations
  • Relationships as Scale
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BP connects workers across their refineries

Denver is exploring high value opportunities to deliver operational efficiencies and execute on digital transformation across bp’s worldwide operations - driving productivity across their refineries by connecting workers to real time data via mobile, IoT sensors, analytics and wearable technology - creating the refinery of the future.


The Critical Need for Secure PCN in Mining, Oil & Gas

Process Control Networks are complex in design and implementation because they integrate with a range of corporate and industrial components. PCN's perform sensitive and vital tasks for managing and handling critical infrastructure. It’s imperative to implement security in these systems because they are targets for cyber-attacks.

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