Denver Service Offering in IT/OT Network Capabilities

As IT/OT environments converge, Denver's technical and business experience within industry and between the multiple IT & OT layers has delivered value across our client base. In this IT & OT Network Capability Diagram, we give an overview of IT/OT convergence areas - where we work, partner and areas of exclusion.

Understanding the Grey Area

Bridging the gap on a technical and business process level

IT and OT networks were traditionally - and often still are - separate environments. While IT is about confidentiality - protecting all aspects of data across the business and enterprise systems, including how it is stored, processed, and delivered, OT is about availability (control and safety systems and industrial process assets) - protecting physical processes, safety, uptime/production/efficiency and people.

With a clear delineation between networks and the people working in these respective areas - having different profiles, different types of systems to work with and different tasks/priorities - it is not unusual to see conflict between IT and OT departments as their priorities compete.

Providing the link between OT & IT, Denver has consultants that understand the integration between the multiple IT & OT layers and systems, both on a technical and a business process level, including the business impacts and priorities across both areas. Importantly, we understand our areas of strength and expertise as outlined in our IT/OT Network Capability diagram, partnering with other organisations that have deep technical experience in areas we do not, for example, PLC’s & RTU's. We are acutely aware of what not to touch and the adverse effects an outage can have on an organisations operational and production environment.